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The abstraction spectrum šŸŒˆ


business development innovation

Developers often prefer to solve all their problems using code, sometimes however using a paid service or a no code solution is a better way to solve your problem faster. In this blog post I will talk about the considerations I make when solving a problem and where I think using abstract solutions like no code are justified.

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The viability of monoliths šŸ¤«



Is kubernetes really the greatest invention of all time? Are AWS and Azure really going to scale infinetely? Maybe there is still a place in this world for monoliths and dedicated servers. In this blog I talk about my views on this topic and how I think that monoliths are still a viable option for a lot of companies.

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Why is context important? šŸ¤”


business career development

Development teams are often too focussed on the products they work on directly and don't stop to consider who the users are and where the product fits in to the bigger system and what stacks are used that are closely related to the product. In this blog post I will talk about how I deal with understanding this context and how I am often able to communicate with team that work in completely different stacks.

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The love of programming ā¤ļø


development innovation lifestyle

Do you have the feeling that programming full time as a job has reduced your appreciation of programming? Or are you just curious about the opinions of another lover of programming. In this blog I discuss why I love programming and how I will keep loving it.

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The benefit of believing in yourself šŸ¤©


career lifestyle productivity

Why are all these motivational guru's so successful in conveying their message. I have also had a period in my life where I was susceptible to these kind of voices and what I have noticed; Is that it works very well in achieving more in life! It might sound weird because a lot of the time they also try to sell you some weird course which does not work. But the effect of believing that you will be able to achieve greatness is a very powerful

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Divide & Conquer šŸŖ–


development productivity

It happens to all of us that we encounter something that seems so complex that it cannot be grasped by our brains. But often after looking at the problem for a while and breaking it up into smaller pieces it becomes manageable. In this blog post I will discuss how I use the divide and conquer principle in my coding journey.

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The right tool for the job šŸ”Ø


development innovation productivity

Finding the right tool for the job can be difficult. Finding the optimal tool is even more difficult. In this blog post I go into my views on finding the right tool and what are important things to take into account.

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Taking notes, a real superpower šŸ¦ø


lifestyle productivity

Also experience forgetfulness every now and then? There is a solution! A superpower that is available to everyone, taking notes. In this blog post I will discuss how taking notes has changed my ability to remember.

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Small efficiencies add up


career development productivity

Working fast and efficient is important. Doing more in less time while impressing your colleagues is amazing. I will dive into what small and easy improvements every developer can make to work more efficiently and save time in the long run which can be spent on other things (most likely more coding!)

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Learning sustainably


career development lifestyle

Continuous learning is very important in the world of software engineering. But a pitfall a lot of people encounter is that they cannot stick to it. In this blog post I will delve into my personal journey with learning and my findings and tips.

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How to achieve code excellence


career development productivity

What are the key principles of code excellence? What rules to adhere to and what tools to use? This blog post will delve deep into the world of writing excellent code, click read more to find out.

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