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The benefit of believing in yourself


2024-06-15 | 1 views

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Why are all these motivational guru's so successful in conveying their message. I have also had a period in my life where I was susceptible to these kind of voices and what I have noticed; Is that it works very well in achieving more in life! It might sound weird because a lot of the time they also try to sell you some weird course which does not work. But the effect of believing that you will be able to achieve greatness is a very powerful force.

Of course there has to be some caveats put to this. You shouldn't start thinking you are more important than other people. Everyone has their own struggles and goals. But having the believe that you will achieve your own goals absolutely helps a lot with being motivated and finding the energy.

Motivational speaking

As said in the first chapter, motivational speaking works great by giving you extra motivation because you believe you can achieve your goals. However what can often be observed is that this effect is temporary. The belief in that you can be great has to be internal.

I am a firm believer in what most motivational speakers try to convey which is, if you work hard to achieve your goals, you will most likely succeed. It might not be soon, but in the end it will happen. My rationalisation to this is that the best in the world have both talent and hard work, but people who are great can often have just average educational achievements but work very hard to be where they are at. This might sound like I'm throwing shade their way, but this is actually very motivating! It means that with dedicated hard work it is possible. So to believe you can achieve this only means that you need to believe that you are at least slightly above average and very hard working.

Finding motivation

Being hardworking can be very tiring and you can lose motivation. It is important to at first like what you are doing or where you are going. This is just how you look at things, most things have fun aspects. Secondly the power of boredom is often underestimated. If you don't feel like continuing just take a break, but NO PHONES. Once you are resting for 5-10 minutes you will start to feel bored, which is good. This boredom will transform into wanting to do something and you continuing your task.

Selective delusion

Sometimes it is good to be slightly delusional. The "sometimes" is an important word here. For instance when going into a test knowing that you have studied well. Creating the delusion that you are going to easily pass and that this test is nothing to you, helps reducing anxiety which can often lead to a improved performance.

In my opinion these kind of delusional thoughts can be very helpful. I think we've all noticed the difference in performance when having the absolute belief that something is easy for you and when something is hard.

This delusion can also help with self consciousness. Believing you are very important can help in certain situations.

This strategy has to be used very selectively however, for instance believing the test will be easy before studying might result in spending less time studying. When interacting with people it can often result in them thinking you have a superiority complex, which is not good. After all everyone was created equal.


Believing in yourself is a very powerful tool. It might sometimes feel like you are fooling yourself but if it leads to positive effects, why not!? I think having a belief in yourself based on knowing that you are good enough at what you choose to do with your life and being hard working is easy. Everyone is above average in what they do, otherwise you need to do something else. And once you find this thing working hard will get you very far. I believe this counts for everyone!

So to end on, believe in yourself, even though it might sometimes seem or be delusional.

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