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Lars Vonk

Software enthusiast
Code quality advocate


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Master's degree, Computer systems and networks

2023 - Now

Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland

  • Master's degree, Computer systems and networks
  • After working for 3 years I have decided to get back to studying to get more insight into computer science and get international experience. I am currently studying at the Warsaw University of Technology.

HBO-ICT, Windesheim Flevoland

2016 - 2020

Almere, Flevoland, Nederland

  • Bachelor's degree, Software Engineering
  • After my highschool I decided to study software engineering at Windesheim Flevoland. I have learned a lot about software engineering and have worked on various projects. I have also done a minor in entrepreneurship.

Cambridge English: C1

Aug 2016 - Aug 2016


  • A certificate proving my English proficiency at the highest level. I have taken the test to prove my English proficiency and to be able to study in English.
  • Issued by Cambridge English Language Assessment.

AWS cloud practitioner

Feb 2021 - Feb 2021


  • AWS cloud practitioner certification
  • Issued by Amazon Web Services.

Certified scrum master

Dec 2022 - Dec 2022


  • Basic understanding of the scrum framework and how to work and/or lead in a scrum team.
  • Issued by ScrumFoundation.

Graph Developer - Associate

Apr 2022 - Apr 2022


  • Basic online course learning GraphQL from the Apollo team.
  • Issued by Apollo.

Various Udemy courses

Jul 2020 - Present


  • I like to keep my skills up to date by taking various courses on Udemy. I have completed courses on Vue.js, React, Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, and many more.
  • Issued by Udemy.